Student Life

Our DBF students enjoy an extensive range of cross-curricular learning opportunities and use both indoor and outdoor areas to extend their learning.

DBF has a fabulous outdoor play area that has been uniquely designed to support every aspect of a young child's gross motor skill development. In the cooler months this area is used extensively and is a favourite learning space for many of our children. During warmer months when it is too hot to work safely outdoors, our spacious multi-purpose gym serves the same purposes. It is equipped with best quality resources and is used not only for extensive Physical Education lessons, but also as a venue for frequent school productions and Parent Information Meetings. Additionally we have a wonderful outdoor swimming pool.

Music has a special focus within our curriculum and through our ‘Singing for Learning Programme’ all children make rapid progress in language acquisition, steered by our gifted and talented specialist music teacher. Our approach to the teaching of Arabic is likewise supported by extensive singing, and our Arabic and Music teachers work hand-in-hand to introduce relevant and meaningful vocabulary through song.

Although not compulsory to teach Arabic until Year 1, we are keen to ensure our DBF students have an advantageous head start. Our whole staff learn Arabic alongside the children and we are proud of the success we have enjoyed. Research has shown that learning an additional language through song promotes the most effective language acquisition, so we are confident in our approach.

We have positive working relationships with our parent body and seek to ensure parents are actively involved in their children’s education. With the recent introduction of Parent Class Representatives, we are certain that parent support will increasingly impact upon the attainment of each of our children.

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